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Sculpture Now 2023


Title: YES – Full of thoughts

A scent that is a mixture of various natural materials,
thinking about various thoughts.

Size: H 8cm x W 11cm x D 7.5cm (The saucer: 12cm x 12cm)

Medium: Ceramic, Native natural materials (Dried Strawberries, Lemon Myrtle, Strawberry Gum leaf, Mint, Goji Berries, Raspberry leaf, Dandelion leaf,  Native lemon grass, Yellow Dock Root, Bush Tomato)

Hope - Everyone has their own thoughts, hopes, and beliefs.
Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne, 
April 2022.

Hope - 2022. April
Motoko KK.heic

Waiting-we may not hear that voice, but it may be waiting for us or someone else somewhere. 

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