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Paradise?         2021

Where is paradise?

I heard a song called “Big yellow taxi” by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell during a long lockdown in Melbourne last year. Her lyrics remain in my mind "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone?"


In 1970, American journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson said “Politics is the Art of controlling your environment“ in Aspen, Colorado. 

In these days, I'm wondering about a big question by myself, is our environment getting better after 51 years? How do you feel now in 2021?


Ancient Japanese legend tells of many spirit in the forest, they float through time, traversing this world, and many other worlds that we know little of. Our mortal existence melds into monotony and routine, but the truth is that every minute, every second is different from that before, and there might be doors waiting to opened, opportunities leading to a different life if only we realize.

We see ourselves in the mirror every day, our reflection reversed, from left to right. Time passes, and we grow old inside the mirror. In she story of Snow White, the mirror is asked the question ”Mirror. Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of the all ? “. The Mirror can not lie. As we know, the mirror showed the Queen that she was no longer the most beautiful.

In our lives, we sometimes wonder .... Is this Dream? ... or a Nightmare? ... or the Real world ? ... when world keeps passing by us.

We dream while awake, we dream during sleep, so many suns & moonlights from the cradle to the grave. And when we wake up ...... What was the dream? What is the dream? What will the dream be? 

Doorways 2016

Our human existence often seems routine, but the truth is that every minute, every second is di erent from that before. There are doorways waiting to be opened, opportunities leading to a di erent life if we choose. But we don’t know where each doorway will lead us until we open it.

The handle to each doorway is the handle which leads forward.
Door handles can be very fragile, we should be careful. If a handle breaks, we may lose opportunities that were previously available to us.

The Bayside Council “Artist in Residence” program at Bililla in Brighton was an unexpected doorway, and led to me moving permanently to Melbourne after time periods in Queensland, and previously in Europe, where I studied in Germany and Hungary, and my native Japan. 

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