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Hello, I am Motoko

Motoko with her Mworks.jpg

– Biography -

Motoko was born into an artistic family in Tokyo. Her mother is a talented Tanka and Haiku poet, whose intuition and talent for emotive imagery of the four seasons, is a treasured gift in Japan. Motoko's father was born in Hiroshima, a painterand professor

of art. Other family members were practitioners and masters of Japanese Literature, Calligraphy, and Noh Theatre.

After graduating from Tama Art University in Tokyo, Motoko was selected for Artist Residency at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, and later commissioned for the 400th Anniversary of the Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto where she created clay sculptures, and collaborated with Lighting Designer, Satoshi Uchihara on the aesthetics of this historic location.

Motoko expanded her horizons, spending two years of specialist studies in the United States, with Paul Soldner, widely regarded as the pioneer of American Raku ceramic

contemporary sculpture. Her passion for Ceramic Sculpture, led Motoko to Hungary, where she undertook several intensive residencies at the International Ceramic Institute in Kecscemete. She studied with Sandor Kecskemeti and Nina Hole. She also received invitations for ‘Artist in Residence’ at the renowned Siklos ceramic art centre, and later at Hodmezovasarhely artist house, also in Hungary.

Moving to Germany, Motoko completed Master of Fine Arts at Institut fur Kunstlierische

Keramik und Glas, at University of Applied Sciences Koblenz in 2010. After her studies she embarked upon many projects and collaborations with other artists and even 

classical and jazz musicians, in Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

Moving to Australia in the end of 2013, she was a Finalist in Victorian Ceramic Art Awards, and International Sculpture at Scenic World, (Katoomba, NSW) in 2015. Artist Residencies at Heritage Hill (Dandenong), Fiskars Art Community (Finland), 2014, “Billilla” Brighton,

(Bayside city Council) in 2015, ART CIRCLE, (Slovenia)  2016, “Vibrant Acland Grant - Boat Dreams” (City of Port Phillip), 2017, and International Art Exhibition “Incident IV Accident“

(6 Japanese artists exhibition) in Poland 2018.  She has been a member of the Contemporary Sculptors Association (CSA) since late 2019.

Motoko is a multi-disciplined visual artist – using acrylic paints, Japanese ink, pastels, calligraphy on Japanese paper. In her sculpture practice she uses clay, moss, cardboard and stone. In other media/installations she uses mirrors, and visual projection.

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